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designed to support women's health and wellbeing by balancing hormones and improving vaginal dryness. Our carefully crafted blend includes a combination of natural ingredients such as Oatstraw, Wild Yam, Dong Quai, Motherwort, Red Clover, and Slippery Elm.



Oatstraw is a nutrient-rich herb that supports overall health and wellbeing. It can help balance hormone levels.


Wild Yam contains natural progesterone, a hormone essential for reproductive health. It helps regulate menstrual cycles, reduce PMS symptoms, and improve vaginal dryness and other menopausal symptoms.


Dong Quai helps balance hormone levels, reduce menstrual pain, and improve vaginal dryness and other menopausal symptoms.


Motherwort  helps reduce stress and anxiety, which can negatively impact hormone levels and reproductive function. It can help regulate menstrual cycles and improve vaginal dryness.


Red Clover helps balance estrogen levels and supports healthy vaginal function. It may also help reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.


Slippery Elm helps reduce inflammation and irritation in the vaginal area. It can also help improve vaginal dryness and support healthy digestive function.


Wap Herbal Blend

  • Capsules

    Each bottle contains 100 capsules. 

    Capsules are 100% Vegan. 


    Herbal Tea

    Each package contains 1oz of Loose Tea 



    1 oz bottle . 80 proof 

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