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An experience + lifestyle


Brea Buffaloe, owner of Musa Moon, is a native of Chesapeake, VA currently residing in Charlotte, NC. She is an herbalist that specializes in holistic health, apothecary, and herbal body care.

While living in Thailand she experienced veganism, barefootism, and the healing properties of herbs. She discovered the Courage, Confidence, and Knowledge to live in her purpose and learned first hand to let thy food be thy medicine.

As we know, sickness and dis-ease is very prevalent in Western culture. Musa Moon’s purpose is to provide alternative medicinal options to those who are seeking knowledge for self healing. Musa Moon provides products that help with healing from the inside out. They offer products such as organic loose leaf herbal tea blends, tinctures, salves and much more, made to order in small batches.

Musa Moon’s products are for anyone looking to start over or to support their  natural holistic journey.


Ages: Baby to Adult.

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