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The wait is over ! Musa Moon has finally released a 7 Day Mind, Body, and Soul Detox. My first time completing a detox was during my stay in Kantharalak, Thailand. I learned so much about healing the body and the different ways our bodies communicate with us on a daily basis. Together we will focus on the Blood, Colon, and Liver.

The detox includes

What’s included :

- [ ] Sea moss gel

- [ ] Bladderwrack

- [ ] Spirulina powder

- [ ] Black Seed Oil

- [ ] Facial Mask Powder

- [ ] Foot detox soak

- [ ] Colon cleanse tea

- [ ] Hibiscus tea

- [ ] Blood cleansing tea

- [ ] Liver cleansing tea

- [ ] Regularity Tea or Capsules

I have created a 16 page ebook guide that you’re free to print and follow along ! We will begin as a group on the 14th.

If you plan on juicing, this is the cold pressed juicer I use .

Once you secure your spot, I will email you the guide and your complete package! I’m so excited

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