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Cord Cutting Ritual

We have all found ourselves connected to someone who no longer deserves our energy! I’m here to tell you it’s okay to love from a distance. Cord cutting is an act of releasing any attachments to anyone of your past that no longer serves you. Are you still in contact with that ex from 10 years ago and there’s an hold you’d like to be released from ? This is for you.

It can be someone you were recently intimate with. If you’re familiar with Soul Ties, yes this will help release. A soul tie is created when you’re physically intimate with a person and a spiritual connection is created. In my opinion this tie can be created with emotional intimacy as well. Protect your energy Sis. Don’t be so open and willing or feel obligated to have everyone enter into your safe spaces.

Ready to begin ?

First , set your the mood. Cleanse your space and make a barrier of protection : Burn Sage, Palo Santo, Spray Musa Moon Aura Cleansing Spray, or Florida Water.

Refill your space with love by Lighting a candle or incense.

Take a deep breath and feel your confidence being stronger than its ever been before. Take as many as you need until you feel ready and grounded.

Recite your intentions below . You may repeat until you’re able to visualize or feel the attachments being released.

God, Today I am ready to heal, love, and let go of any connections that no longer serve me. Today I am cutting any cords that have any attachments to me that aren’t led with love, peace, progression or purpose. I release all things that are no longer aligned in my journey. I thank you for the opportunity with ____________________and trust we have served our purpose together. As I release _________________ may my entire existence be covered in love, healing light, and protection from any lower vibrational attachments. My mind is free and my heart is full. I am whole without any regrets. Thank You in advance for my peace, self appreciation, and healing. & so it is.

*You may complete this ritual with or without naming individuals *

Once you’re finished...... increase your water intake for the day, go for a walk, take a bath, dance , and drink Musa Moon Tea. Allow your energy to flow! You did it !

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