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Cooking the Herbs You Forage - Dandelion Greens

This Quarantine life has awarded me space to reflect and cultivate my HAPPY. Everyday I have promised myself to play with the flowers. This time is often silent without music, talking on the phone, just me, GOD, the flowers, a couple of bugs, and LOVE.

My parents have a neighbor across the street and their grass is HIGH, to my excitement high grass without pesticides and chemicals equals endless bunches of dandelion flowers and greens. I want to stay within love karma, integrity and Light when picking the flowers so I had to wait for permission before going into her yard.Three days later I finally saw her and shouted how I would love to pick her dandelions! SHE SAID YES ! and gave me free range to the backyard.

Tools to forage Dandelions:

  • scissors to cut at the bulb

  • a basket or bag to place clippings

  • a shovel if you'd like to forage the roots

After you pick your desired amount rinse your clippings .

place your dandelions out to dry or place in dehydrator


  1. Rinse the bugs and dirt off

  2. Cut the ends that are closest to the root

  3. Bring water to a boil + add salt

  1. Boil your greens for 10 minutes to soften the leaves

  2. Remove and pour cold water to chill

  3. sauté your onions and peppers in a skillet add your favorite seasonings and your greens.

Eat this alone or as a side with your favorite dish !

Much Love and Peace to you during your time with self.If you would like to see the full video of my adventure head over to Instagram.

Please pick your dandelions in a safe space not anywhere near cars

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