April 28, 2020

Cooking Dandelion Greens you pick yourself !

February 25, 2018

We have now created the option to Pay Weekly for your session. The Pay in Full option is still available ! 

July 19, 2017

Essential Oil uses : 

Sleep Issues - Apply to bottoms of feet or put into diffuser to induce sleep.

Stress Anxiety and Teeth Grinding - Rub over heart and on the back of the neck or inhale from the palms of your hands 

Sunburns, burns, and scars - use topically to soothe...

July 19, 2017


2 cups of water 

2 cups of sugar

2 Tablespoons of Lavender 

Combine all of your ingredients into the saucepan until it boils and the sugar dissolves. Allow it to simmer for a minute, and stir as it infuses. Remove from the heat and allow it infuse for 25 minut...